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Interactive App: Enhanced sensitivity to group differences with decision modelling

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Version 4 2021-02-23, 21:56
Version 3 2019-06-20, 14:43
Version 2 2019-06-11, 12:56
Version 1 2019-06-05, 15:53
posted on 2021-02-23, 21:56 authored by Anna Krystalli, Tom StaffordTom Stafford
Interactive web application accompanying paper "Quantifying the benefits of using decision models with response time and accuracy data"

The code associated with the application is contained in the `app.R` script. Dependencies are specified in `install.R` and can be installed by sourcing the script.

The data powering the app is a subset of the data presented in the paper and can be found in `data/powersim.rda`.

The raw subset of the data is contained in `raw-data/summary.csv` and the processing code into the tidied `.rda` format can be found in `raw-data/create-app-data.R`.


Code See the LICENSE file

Data : CC-BY-4.0 Copyright (c) 2018 Tom Stafford.



  • There is no personal data or any that requires ethical approval


  • The data complies with the institution and funders' policies on access and sharing

Sharing and access restrictions

  • The data can be shared openly

Data description

  • The file formats are open or commonly used

Methodology, headings and units

  • Headings and units are explained in the files