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PhD Thesis Additional Data: BioFlux code

posted on 2022-02-22, 14:21 authored by Lucy Urwin, Peter N. Monk
Supplementary data from the PhD thesis, 'The Development of in vitro Corneal Infection Models for Antimicrobial Drug Testing' (Lucy Urwin, 2022, Dept. IICD).

Chapter 6 of the thesis describes use of the BioFlux microfluidic system for simulating bacterial keratitis under shear flow conditions.

A combination of ImageJ and MATLAB code were used for batch processing time-lapse microscopy images; batch processing images using the Feature-Assisted Segmenter/Tracker (FAST) in MATLAB; and extracting data from FAST.

The annotated code used to perform these functions is contained in this folder. See README file for further instructions.


Adhesion to host cell membrane microdomains in cornea as an antimicrobial target to prevent corneal ulceration

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