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The Household Simulation Model (HHSM); a DES model focusing on understanding household food waste.

posted on 2020-08-13, 13:38 authored by Cansu KandemirCansu Kandemir, Christian Reynolds, Tom Quested, Karen Fisher, Rachel Devine, Estelle Herszenhorn, Siau KohSiau Koh, David Evans

We present the most developed application of household food waste DES to date: the new Household Simulation Model (HHSM), a DES model focusing on understanding household food waste. The HHSM provides the flexibility to model a range of food items and includes many household dynamics that can affect food waste (e.g. purchasing, storage, consumption). The HHSM simulates a range of household types to reflect the diversity of the UK population.

In this deposit we provide:
1) A version of the HHSM to be used with ARENA Simulation Software version 15.1 (.doe)

2) The siman code of the HHSM.

The methodology and further description of the model can be found in the document Cansu Kandemir, Christian Reynolds, Quested Tom, Karen Fisher, Rachel Devine, Estelle Herszenhorn, S.C. Lenny Koh & David Evans (2020) Using discrete event simulation to explore food wasted in the home, Journal of Simulation, DOI: 10.1080/17477778.2020.1829515

For further published reading on the HHSM see: Simulation Model Methodological Summary.pdf


"Simulating Household Food Waste: A Research and Policy model" funded by the Economic & Social Research Council Impact Accelerator and WRAP

Linking sustainable food with food waste in policy; a NERC innovation placement in WRAP.

Natural Environment Research Council

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N8 AgriFood Resilience Programme (HEFCE Catalyst-funded)



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