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get_binout_data() - A MATLAB Function to Read LS-DYNA's Binary Output (binout) Files

posted on 2024-06-14, 07:23 authored by Saud AlotaibiSaud Alotaibi, Sam E. Rigby, Andy Tyas, Maurizio GuadagniniMaurizio Guadagnini

Provide MATLAB m-files to read LS-DYNA binary output (binout) files.

The project aims to assist researchers and engineers in efficiently reading and accessing finite element state data (generated by LS-DYNA) within MATLAB for post-processing. Once the data from the binout files is in the MATLAB workspace, users can focus on advanced computations and generate high-quality graphs for publications.

The binout reader function in MATLAB returns a structured and easy-to-understand MATLAB struct containing all the data from the LS-DYNA binout file. You can refer to the provided sample graphs, available in "pdf" and "svg" formats, which demonstrate the structure of a sample "binin" struct returned by the binout reader function.

The binout reader function internally calls another function called the "d3plot control data reader" to retrieve essential "control" data from the root "d3plot" file, if the latter is present in the same directory as the binout file. For example, the d3plot control data reader imports the element-node connectivity so that the spatial location of elements can be determined (i.e., mapping from elements to nodes to coordinates, etc.).

If one is familiar with the naming and hierarchy of binout files in LS-PrePost, then the structure and the names of the fields of the returned struct from the MATLAB binout reader function should be familiar too.

The files contained in this repository, a detailed description, and explanations are also available at:


The materials published here are part of a PhD study at the Blast and Impact Engineering Research Group at the University of Sheffield.

The work is supervised by:

  • Prof. Andy Tyas
  • Dr Sam E. Rigby
  • Dr Maurizio Guadagnini

Developed by:

Saud A. E. Alotaibi

12 June 2024


Saudi Arabian Cultural Bureau in London

Qassim University, Saudi Arabia



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