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Mapping physical health management interventions (other than weight control and smoking cessation) for people with serious mental illnesses - protocol for a scoping review of reviews.

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posted on 2023-09-20, 10:21 authored by Naseeb EzaydiNaseeb Ezaydi, Daniel HindDaniel Hind, Emma Pearce

Serious mental illnesses (SMIs) include schizophrenia/psychosis, borderline personality disorder, depression and other conditions which impair a person's activities of daily living. People with these conditions also have higher levels of physical comorbidities and earlier mortality than the general population due to physical health conditions. Physical health interventions focusing on smoking cessation or weight control in people with SMIs are already widely researched and the subject of national and international guidelines. But there are many other aspects of physical health which are poorly addressed both by the peer review literature and clinical practice guidelines. These aspects include, but are not limited to, dental care, podiatry, cancer screening, vaccination against preventable diseases, perinatal and women's health care. There is a clear need for effective physical health interventions for this population. However, it is unclear what evidence is available on the types of interventions, their methodology and their outcomes. Therefore, a scoping review of reviews will be conducted in order to map the existing research and identify gaps in the literature for future research priorities.



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