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Protocol for a Scoping Review of Collaborative Engagement in Health State Valuation

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Objective: The objectives of this scoping review are to: (i) identify aspects of existing good practice guidelines on collaborative engagement in health state valuation and/or complementary fields; (ii) identify examples of recent collaborative engagement activities in health state valuation; and (iii) map what is currently being done against existing good practice recommendations to identify gaps and recommendations for future work.

Introduction: Engaging and collaborating with a fuller breadth of individuals or groups is increasingly important in health research and practice. Optimal collaborative engagement is thought to enhance research outputs, increase reciprocal endorsement from those affiliated with the research, and improve research impact. There is a lack of best practice guidance on collaborative engagement in health state valuation (including with whom, when, and how).

Inclusion criteria: Included articles will consist of full-text manuscripts or reports in English featuring either: (i) guidelines in health economics and/or patient reported outcome measure (PROM) development/testing, providing recommendations for collaborative engagement in research; or (ii) primary research studies in the context of health state valuation that feature collaborative engagement of any design, with any participants in any setting/country.

Methods: Seven databases (MEDLINE, Embase, CINAHL, PsycINFO, Web of Science, Tufts CEA Registry, and MATHSCINET) will be searched, with complementary grey literature searches. Data will be extracted on an a priori sheet adapted from the Joanna Briggs Institute standardised data extraction form. A descriptive narrative synthesis will be conducted and appraised in the context of what is currently being done and where gaps exist for collaborative engagement in health state valuation.


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