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The Use of Nielsen's Ten Usability Heuristics - Protocol for a Scoping Review

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posted on 2024-03-18, 13:32 authored by Daniel HindDaniel Hind

This is a protocol for a scoping review

Nielsen's Ten Heuristics provide a comprehensive framework of principles for evaluating and improving the usability and user experience of systems and technologies. The heuristics cover visibility, real-world concept alignment, user control, consistency, error prevention, recognition versus recall, flexibility, aesthetic design, error assistance, and simplicity. Carefully incorporated throughout the design and implementation stages, the heuristics have the potential to effectively address major obstacles to the public acceptance and continuity of technological improvements in healthcare.

Despite its potential, there is a lack of studies on the use of Nielsen's Ten Heuristics in healthcare settings. A scoping review is an effective tool to fill this gap as it may thoroughly map current literature and clarify key concepts and practises. Reviewing the application of Nielsen's Ten Heuristics in healthcare contexts will expose the various ways in which these heuristics have been applied in the healthcare domain. Additionally, gaps in knowledge can also be identified for future research.



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