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BAE T1A Hawk Starboard Wing Vibration Tests

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The purpose of this collection is a singular location for the varied testing performed during the DTHIVE project. These tests were performed on the starboard wing of the BAE T1A Hawk housed at the Labratory for Verification and Validation ( The wing is excited using a single shaker and data is recorded using 55 uni-accelerometers and the excitation load cell.

The significance of the naming conventions is explained in the "ORDA_Readme.pdf" file. This file also contains the code needed to load the file into python for analysis called "". This contains a function called load_hdf5 that takes the path of the hdf5 file and loads it into a single dictionary. The dictionary is separated into "Meta" for the testing parameters and the sensor names to identify the sensor of interest. For the sensor names, the naming convention is described in the readme file along with what types of data is included and the citation reference. The uploaded *.zip file contains all the repetitions for the testing parameters (nominally 10 repetitions).  

These tests were performed under the Alan Turing Institute funded project Digital Twins for High-Value Engineering Systems (DTHIVE) with continuing support from the EPSRC funded project Digital Twins for Improved Dynamic Design (DigiTwin). For more information, please contact the PI, Professor David Wagg.


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