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CCWI2017: Computing and Control in the Water Industry Conference 2017 Sheffield

Published on: 01 Sep 2017 - 16:09:23
Authors: Richard Collins
DOI: 10.15131/
Categories: Civil Engineering not elsewhere classified
Tags: CCWI2017, CCWI, Computing and Control in the Water Industry

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Collection of papers presented at CCWI2017 the 15th International Computing & Control for the Water Industry Conference, 5th - 7th September 2017, at the Diamond, University of Sheffield.

Technology for Independence Communications 2016 (T4I2016)

Published on: 10 Apr 2017 - 16:04:19
Authors: T4I2016
DOI: 10.15131/
Categories: Rehabilitation Engineering, Rehabilitation and Therapy (excl. Physiotherapy), Health Care, Aged Health Care, Social Policy, Health Policy, Research, Science and Technology Policy, Care for Disabled, Disability Studies, Digital and Interaction Design, Computer-Human Interaction, Web Technologies (excl. Web Search)
Tags: T4I2016, Technology for Independence, Assistive technology, Rehabilitation Engineering

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Technology for Independence Conference 2016 
Monday 28th November 2016 (08.30 to 17.30) St. Mary's Church and Conference Centre, Bramall Ln, Sheffield S2 4QZ. 

Technology for Independence Communications 2016 documents the contributions presented at T4I2016. These T4I conference contents are published and made openly accessible through the University of Sheffield's repository ORDA (Online Research Data). Each communication will have a unique DOI number and be citeable.

EACS 2016 Conference Proceedings

Published on: 10 Apr 2017 - 15:04:07
Authors: David Wagg, Andrea Del Grosso, Robert Barthorpe, Elizabeth Cross
DOI: 10.15131/
Categories: Dynamics, Vibration and Vibration Control, Structural Engineering, Earthquake Engineering
Tags: EACS2016, Structural health monitoring, SHM, Active structural control, Vibration control, passive structural control, Hybrid structural control, Earthquake engineering, Dynamics research, Smart materials, Tuned mass dampers, Nonlinear dynamics, Hybrid testing, Inerters

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6th European Conference on Structural Control (EACS 2016) 
Sponsored by the European Association for the Control of Structures
The University of Sheffield Diamond Building
11th - 13th July 2016

RICON 2016

Published on: 23 Nov 2016 - 10:11:25
Authors: Melanie Knight, Richard Hudson, Gwynfor Jones, Patricia Hart, Naomi Halloran, Liz Robinson, Gillian Callaghan, Angela Davies, Jeff Sorrill
DOI: 10.15131/
Categories: Uncategorized
Tags: RICON 2016, RICON, research support, Research Support Services

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Research & Innovation Supporters' Conference – 14 June 2016.
The University of Sheffield Octagon Centre.

On 14 June 2016 we ran a one-day conference in the Octagon Centre that was designed specifically for professionals who support research and/or innovation activities – for professionals based in academic departments, in faculties, in Professional Services and in research centres and institutes.

At the time this was a new initiative, the purpose of which was threefold:
  • To Increase awareness and understanding of our ambition and strategic direction on research and innovation within a challenging climate, and the critical contribution that individual professionals make and need to make to this
  • To share and increase knowledge throughout the R&I professional community – of respective roles, perspectives, systems, processes, topics
  • To increase a tangible sense of belonging to a wider community

The three themes
There were three underlying themes of the conference:
  • Big Picture & Strategy – How professionals can help with the transformation of strategic R&I ambitions
  • Managerial & Operational – Technical and operational dimensions, for example new R&I support systems and processes, impact, public engagement, PGR, scholarly communication
  • Professional Development & Wellbeing – For example, how to be productive not busy, collaboration and culture change

The full programme of events can be found here.

See also the RICOM (Research and Innovation Community) website and Google community, RICOMmunity.