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Technology for Independence Communications 2016 (T4I2016)

Published on: 10 Apr 2017 - 17:04:19
Authors: T4I2016
DOI: 10.15131/
Categories: Rehabilitation Engineering, Rehabilitation and Therapy (excl. Physiotherapy), Health Care, Aged Health Care, Social Policy, Health Policy, Research, Science and Technology Policy, Care for Disabled, Disability Studies, Digital and Interaction Design, Computer-Human Interaction, Web Technologies (excl. Web Search)
Tags: T4I2016, Technology for Independence, Assistive technology, Rehabilitation Engineering
Technology for Independence Conference 2016 
Monday 28th November 2016 (08.30 to 17.30) St. Mary's Church and Conference Centre, Bramall Ln, Sheffield S2 4QZ. 

Technology for Independence Communications 2016 documents the contributions presented at T4I2016. These T4I conference contents are published and made openly accessible through the University of Sheffield's repository ORDA (Online Research Data). Each communication will have a unique DOI number and be citeable.

T4I2016 - Fitzgerald, Neil: Advanced switches and other new developments in access

Paper by Neil Fitzgerald on 25/11/2016 17:11:22
335   25    

T4I2016 - Gillham, Michael: Developing Effective Intelligent Assistance for the Powered Wheelchair User

Paper by Michael Gillham et al on 25/11/2016 17:11:18
296   33    

T4I2016 - Hall, Darren: EyeGaze Case Report

Paper by Darren Hall on 25/11/2016 17:11:13
328   22