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Reason: Due to the commercial value of the database files are not open access and not shareable. Access is possible via permission from the Principal Investigator and a signed access permission document may be required. See the ReadMe file attached for more details about the database and access permissions and privileges.

Employment Standards in Large Listed South Korean Corporations: An ESG Database

posted on 2024-02-29, 11:36 authored by Peter MatanlePeter Matanle, Yejin Shin, Yang Li, Zhamayne FakharuziZhamayne Fakharuzi, Jing Wang, Richard CampbellRichard Campbell, Jim McCafferty
  • We first selected numerical indicators of company performance and employment standards and created dimensions of performance for these indicators.
  • We then collected data for these dimensions from publicly available sources.
  • We cleaned and organised the data to make them comparable and meaningful within and across dimensions.
  • We ranked companies according to each dimension.
  • We compiled composite rankings by grouping dimensions together.

This database provides the underpinning research for a Knowledge Exchange (KE) and Impact project focusing on the employment standards of the largest listed South Korean companies within the Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) investment finance framework.

We developed an original methodology for compiling a database of numerical indicators of employment standards. We call this our “Washing Line Methodology”.

These data, dimensions, and rankings give us insights into South Korean companies’ relative performance in employment standards within the Social pillar of the ESG investment finance framework.

The database is not Open Access and not Shareable, due to its commercial value and methodological originality and rigour. If you wish to access the database, please contact the Principle Investigator via email in the first instance, or the University of Sheffield’s Knowledge Exchange lead for the Faculty of Arts and Humanities via: A signed data sharing agreement may be required.

Access may be granted to academics affiliated with recognised tertiary educational institutions, research organisations, and financial services professionals, and a small charge may be levied depending on your intended use. Onward sharing of dimensional and methodological details outside of information publicly disclosed by the project participants is prohibited


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