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Open Research Conversation: Sharing qualitative data ethically

posted on 2021-05-25, 16:10 authored by Julia BishopJulia Bishop, Jennifer Burr, Andrew CoxAndrew Cox

Sharing research data can bring many benefits, from increased trust in your results to re-use which reduces the burden on participants, but it presents particular challenges for qualitative data which tends to be more identifiable. This conversation will focus on both practical examples of sharing qualitative data and discussions of the ethical issues which need to be considered.

Presentations from the event on 18 May 2021:

- Professor Jennifer Burr, Deputy Chair of the University Research Ethics Committee providing a UREC perspective on Ethics in Qualitative Research
- Dr Julia Bishop, School of Education on the Children, Technology and Play project
- Dr Andrew Cox, Information School on the debates around sharing qualitative data



  • There is no personal data or any that requires ethical approval


  • The data complies with the institution and funders' policies on access and sharing

Sharing and access restrictions

  • The data can be shared openly

Data description

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Methodology, headings and units

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