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Slides from the Mixing Processes in Pipes, Sewers & the Natural Environment from Theory to Practice workshop

posted on 2023-07-27, 14:35 authored by Ian GuymerIan Guymer, James Hart, Zhangjie PengZhangjie Peng, Stefania Piazza, Steve Buchberger, Jonathan Burkhardt, Mirjam Blokker, Johnny Petersen, Fred SonnenwaldFred Sonnenwald, Joe Shuttleworth, Ole Mark, Francois Clemens, Inez Plugge Porter, Jean O. Lacoursière, Inhwan Park, Virginia StovinVirginia Stovin, Jesus Leonardo Corredor Garcia, Kevin Spence, Kaisa Västilä, Monika B. Kalinowska, Mick J. Whelan

This dataset contains the slides presented at the workshop on mixing processes in pipes, sewers and the natural environment from theory to practice on the 18th and 19th of April 2023 at the University of Sheffield. This workshop, supported by the EPSRC and IAHR, was organised by Professor Ian Guymer to bring together researchers, environmental regulators, engineering consultants and water utilities, to hear the latest international research on mixing processes.

File names are in the format of "Day X - YY Name - Presentation title", where X is the workshop day and YY is the order of presentation. The files are in the PDF format. Some images have been removed to comply with copyright.

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Modelling Mixing Mechanisms in 1D Water Network Models

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